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Tips to Make Your Home Impressive to Guests

A cozy home needs to be re-fixed once in a while. The problem of most homeowners is that they homes look okay enough, and they don’t know what more to add to make their homes more impressive to guests. You should try the following home decorating tips.

If you want to make a good first impression then you should start with your door. You can impress your guests the moment they reach your door if you decorate it well. It would make your guests feel welcome if you decorate and paint your door well. Make sure you take out your screen door since it is not only outdated, it is also an eye sore. Make sure to place a good mat and a door accessory.

If you want to invite people to sit and have a conversation, then you should let your sofa and your chairs face each other. You can design it in such a way that the two side chairs are side by side facing the sofa. A coffee table can be placed in the middle. You can also have a design where the coffee table is in the center with the two arm chairs on its left and right sides and the sofa in the middle. The position of the side chairs and the sofa are all facing the coffee table.

It is not good to make your furniture pushed against the wall. The limit of the room will be set. If your furniture are floating in the room, then you room will look at lot larger.

Natural light should be let in. There is great savings on lighting expense if natural light comes in and it will also make your rooms look great. Make sure you room will be filled with natural light. With sunlight entering your room, there will be good lighting and at the same time the sunlight will help disinfect your room. Some people are invigorated with sunlight. Thick, expensive drapes will no longer be needed.

Your room will look bigger if you place a mirror in it. Light is bounced by mirrors across the room. It is good to put a mirror in each of your rooms. In order for the mirror to bounce light effectively you need to place the mirrors on walls which are perpendicular to windows.

If you have a low ceiling and want to make it look higher, the you can hang your curtains higher than your windows. You can place the curtain 3 inches above the window or just the right height as long as the curtain does not get too short. You can also use mirrors because they make a room look larger. If you lean your mirror, it would make the ceiling look larger. Your walls will seem longer if you use vertical stripes.

Make sure your rug is the correct size. All the feet of your living room furniture should fit inside the rug so that it is not too big or too small. A rug that is too big will have excess space. The rug should end a few inches from the furniture fee.

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