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Why Good Employees Really Quit Their Jobs

There has been an increment in the number of employees who are quitting jobs in the recent past.The managers are now thing what could have resulted to the situation.The first step to solving the issue is by knowing the cause and ensuring that the company policy is good.When an employee quits a job, the work load will increase and will cause the morale of employees to decline.There are chances that company production will decline due to increased workload and morale of employees impaired.When a manager does not put into consideration interest of employees, there are chances that an employee can quit the job.It is possible for employees to quit job by the fact that management culture is not good.The reasons that follow will make an employee to quit his/her job.

It is possible for a person to get bored and quit a job.The common reasoning of the hiring managers and bosses are that an employee quits because of his/her boss or a coworker.This is not true sometimes since employees can quit job because they are bored.There are high chances that because of less workload and work which is repeatedly done a person can be bored.If the skills of an employee are not utilized well,an employee will find it difficult to continue working.To curb the situation, managers should meet employees regularly so that they can open up and share feeling about the job they do.There is need to monitor the performance of employees so that know when his/her productivity is high and low.

The kind of relationship that an employee has with a boss can lead to quitting of his/her job.It is possible for an employee to leave a job because a boss is not good.The important thing to know is that when bosses is not skilled an employee will leave his/her job.This is because the employees will not have respect on the boss and this will impair their relationship.By help to boost the relationship of an employee with a boss is respect and genuine concerns employees have.A manager will be deemed good, if he/she connects well with employees, open and gives employees opportunities to offer their concerns and suggestions.It will be prudent for a person to create time and solve issues that might be causing differences.The importance of the frustrations is that it will help a person to get relieved of the issues he/she has.

There are chances that a person can quit a job because of not using his/her skills.There will be frustration in case the employee skills are not used.Among the things which bosses should look at when hiring employees is their strengths and background.

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